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SV Weekly Challenge

Welcome to sv100, a weekly challenge for the tv show Smallville!

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Or you can use a similiar format... but you must at least have the Rating, Challenge, Warnings, & Characters/Pairings sections somewhere.

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53. farm

+ Number of Drabbles inspired by our challenges is 706 as of April 19, 2010.
+ Number of authors that contributed is 18 out of 23 registered authors and out of 42 members.
+ Top 3 most written characters are Clark Kent (78 tags) Chloe Sullivan (66 tags), and Oliver Queen (50 tags).
+ Top 3 most written pairings are Clark/Lex (37 tags), Chloe/Oliver (20 tags), and Chloe/Clark (18 tags).
+ Top 3 challenges that were the most popular [tag-wise] are Bed (26 tags), Past Prompts #1 (25 tags), and Crossovers (19 tags).
+ Most active teams are Aliens (63 tags) and Metahumans (53 tags).

+ flareonfury, founder
+ bringthefate
+ chosenfire28

+ Inspiration: batfic100 & twilight100
+ Stylesheet: noveltybox
+ Header: flareonfury
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